Sunday, February 19, 2012

And It Goes Like This...

I can't wait till Bob's Burgers comes back in Fox Sundays, that show is WHACK. H. Jon Benjamin is the voice of he aforementioned Bob, who is also the voice of Archer on FX, WHICH is also one of the funniest shows in the history of television (yes, it's true, kiss my ass ifya don't believe me).

Magical day of hockey. Glad to see the Blackhawks win one at home for change. They were beginning to scare me. I wanna see the Leafs win one so my girl McTitties doesn't go into depression. Hee sad makes me sad.

Shoutout to the Twitter wifey Jen. Love you, baby!!!

Here it is, sports fans. That grandiose pomposity you were hoping for from Newt Gingrich is, most likely, gonna happen at the AZ debate this Wednesday night. Santorum with his one-man culture war has been duking it out with 70s game show host Mitt Romney so hard the country is only paying attention to which mistake these two douches will make next. The only thing Gingrich got this February is a stiff-faced blowjob from Callista & a shitload of Chinese food. Meanwhile, his popularity is on life support. And what is the one thing a know-it-all windbag must do to show the world that he still means something to more than 3 people? CREATE A MENTAL IMPLOSION THE LIKES YOU'VE NEVER SEEN!!! Get your popcorn ready.

Survey says?! Romney's an asshole. Born in Michigan, the heart of American automotives (& if you don't want a Mustang, you're a goddamn liar), he says to the American automotive industry "Go fuck yourselves!!". Then the Americans become numero uno & he says "Yeah, that thing I said earlier... I'm kinda hoping you guys will forget I said that". He's been choking on his "Let GM Go Bankrupt" op-ed piece he wrote & he is now in danger of losing his daddy's home state!!! That man is a GENIUS.

I'm gonna get the hell outta here. Be sure to check out all sorts of other shit in my head later on. Watching the Simpsons 500th episode. FORWARD.

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