Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kisses His Sister, Wants To Be President...WTF?!

First off, lemme just say we should all give a big round of applause to the late, great Davy Jones for making this world a better place. RIP Davy, you will still always get the girl.

Snooki pregnant... I was having really high hopes and good feelings about the future of motherhood and our children. And now... I just don't know, son, I just don't know {smh}.

Much love to my Twitterwifey Jen, as usual. Shoutout to all the new friends I've made so far this week. You guys are totally awesome.

Well, there it was, folks. For all the world to see. The primaries of Michigan and Arizona were supposed to separate the men from the boys before Super Tuesday & it turned out just to be more of the same. Romney ended up absolutely killing Santorum in AZ. but MI should've been something altogether different. We been hearing the day after that Romney got just the victory he needed, but there was nothing to he could to step away from the fray, winning MI by only 3 points. HIS HOME FUCKIN STATE BY 3 FUCKIN POINTS. What does THAT tell ya about yer friends and neighbors?! That's not even the depressing part. He royally "kissed his sister" in the MI delegate count. You can't even win in the delegate count of the state where your rich-ass daddy was the governor?! Come on, Mitt. You got serious issues.

I just made my first pancakes the other day & must say I was very pleased how they turned out. But i did learn one thing, which I shared with you guys in Twitter the other day: NEVER EVER USE BISQUICK, BISQUICK IS EVIL. And for the record, I must amend that statement that I made. If you use Bisquick instead of Aunt Jemimah, not onoy do you suck dick for coke, you suck dick for crack & pills as well. Happy cooking!!

I just heard that Andrew Breitbart had passed, he was 43. I agreed with very little - in fact NOTHING - that he ever said. But despite the bombastics, he was a fighter to the very end & he did believe in what he was saying. Well played, sir. At least, we know tha heaven is gonna get the shake up it's been looking for.

Well, that's my time for today. There IS this thing in this religious camp that I think I'm gonna work on for next time, so I'll see ya later. FORWARD.

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