Monday, February 27, 2012

So Glad Spring Is On The Way

Yes, friends, Spring has finally begin to spring, I can just smell it in the air!!! More intoxicating that Everclear at a Nickleback (fuck no, I don't like Nickleback, it would just take a shitload of Everclear to help me get through a night with them). I got the fantasy teams all picked out & the lineups are pretty much set. Check your local listings, first spring training games are this weekend! WOOHOO!

Last night's Oscars? Damn good! Billy is THE professional in the truest sense of the word, beating the living SHIT outta last year's presenters. And yes, for the first time in a long, long time, almost every actor/movie that I thought deserved an Oscar GOT ONE. Rest assured, a baseball movie will win an Oscar again one day, Moneyball is not my last hope. I feel pretty confident about that. The Muppet movie even won one, what's not to love, right ?!

I been looking with a goddamn microscope at the JLo "wardrobe malfunction" (just like every other red-blooded, American male, don't tell me that I'm the only one in the world that loves me some TITTAYS!!!). And upon further review: although quite revealing, no real from of anything nipple-like/in the nipple region can be seen. I call inconclusive evidence to reverse the call. The dress was stunning & when you say "wardrobe malfunction", you can best believe that JLo is the one that I want to have it. Will whip out the microscope anytime for her.

Angelina!!!   LEG!!! GODDAMN!!!  'Nuff said. That shall be MY last words on the Oscars for now, let's move on to something a hair more serious (but not fuckin' much).

I was really hoping that Rick Santorum would be the one to knock off Mitt Romney, but Rick found a way to show us just how really, REALLY crazy he is by the shit he was talking Sunday. OMG! Last time I mentioned how batshit he was on the whole education thing, wanting the whole of America to do something along the lines of an educational commune & leave the federal and state gov't out of everything - and I really do mean EVERYTHING - educational. But this next batshit idea has gotten outta hand (Ron Paul Revolution members and watchers, please, take note)...

The dumbshit actually believes that the separation of church and state is not fundamentally separate. That one should govern the other (this is the part where the Ron Paul Revolution should be loading their guns and getting the hanging ropes ready). THE CONSTITUTION makes them separate! PERIOD. There is no gray area. You can say and feel anyway you wanna about religion, contraception, education, abortion, etc. You can yell and scream all you wanna about Obamacare, Romneycare, the individual mandate, these are your RIGHTS to PEACEABLE disagree with that stuff as PROVIDED by the CONSTITUTION. But when you aim dead-center at the Bill of Rights & pick the separation of church and state. That's when you get laughed outta the room. You're off the reservation, you need mental help (though in Rick's case, may he always seek mental help, but never get it, he's too much damn fun to watch implode on Sundays).

Just because you're going up against a candidate that's about as conservative as Rick James sniffing coke out of a nun's cooter, doesn't mean ya have to ACTUALLY fall on your conservative sword and aim for something pre-Magna Carta! Didn't George H.W. Bush with the flag burning constitutional amendment shootdown teach you a lesson. He knew he went a bridge too far & didn't really bitch and moan about it when it didn't happen. Way to not pay attention, dickhead. 

{But please, beat Mitt Romney in Michigan, I wanna see a brokered convention so bad I can TASTE it!}

That's my time, folks, gonna go help a friend move this morning & then watch the Daytona 500 (weather-permitting) with my Twitterwifey Jen. Always.... FORWARD.

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