Thursday, February 16, 2012

Random thoughts...

First, all love and honor to my Twitter wife @ETXS4FREEDOM. She makes me feel funny in my manly, dangly parts.

I think Rick Santorum & Nicki Manaj should either become residents or manage an insane asylum. That would be so fitting. And you an always make Mrs. Santorum a resident, too. I don't give a shit if her and Rick got the 7 kids, she fucked the doctor that delivered her. That is plain WHACK!!

Please, remember that there will be full coverage of Whitney's funeral at this Saturday.

I cant't wait for baseball season!! The sheer boredom is killing me!! I could kickchop a koala.

Twitter is so good. I don't know which is better, my shaving cream or Twitter (hey, this is good fuckin cream).

I know that we all express our grief in different ways, but enough with the online tributes to Whitney. All of the voices I keep hearing that couldn't hold a candle to her on her most normal of's creating a disturbance in the force! Please, cease.

I will be more than happy to comment on more political stuff when things get heated up after Michigan. How many homes does this asshole Romney have? How much can Santorum do with the lack of money? WHERE THE HELL IS NEWT?!?! Let's all have a look at the fun ahead & be sure to have your popcorn ready, because there's gonna be some wild west kinda fun when they hit Arizona. In the meantime, peace & chicken grease. FORWARD.

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