Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day is over, back to work.

Well, Valentine's Day is over, the chocolate & champagne all gone. The lube is all gone & your asshole is still hurting from that "little thing you swore you would do" that he/she held you to. Back to real life as we limp around the office, the boss wondering what the hell position got me so twisted up like a pretzel.

Anyhoo, like I said, back to real life.Once again, everyone at Obamalabs, Inc. that has been working around the clock preparing for the general election wth Romney, aka "Mittens". I believe that everyone in the lab has been in the break room drinking beer and dancing the Monkey, TV cranked at the news that Santorum has the possibility to win Mitt's home state of Michigan. 

Which brings me to the warning that I have for all of you: 1987 called, they want their fucking culture war back. the whle world has changed since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Views have changed, freedom is more of a norm instead of something to fight for (don't get me wrong, freedom is something that we should all fight for, you guys know what I meant). Women have more rights, minorities have more rights, people that have fought against the rights and free will of others have either died or have been neutralized. The internet has given all of us from 8-80 the ability to speak our minds with the protection of a country that is free.. AND these countries that are not free (China, the Middle East)... we have seen what happens  with the power of information & what a little of it can do to a whole country. 

So, when you listen to all the politicians out there, think of the ones that are doing their job making America better. And not about the ones fighting imaginary wars that were already lost. FORWARD.

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