Monday, February 20, 2012

And now folks... Today's lesson? Civility

Lemme first get to all my shouts. All hail the new friends I made last holiday night, you guys are awesome. And lemme give some love to Becky in Iowa, Corona Ray got one chillin on ice for me, And my Twitter wifey Jen, whom all my good things flow. Love you.

Nothing made me more happier last night than to see two acts of the most nonviolent or nonviolent protests. First, the beautiful sight off all those women in front of the state capital in Virginia. What a sight. The silence was deafening & their message was heard. The vote for forcible transvaginal probing was delayed, Gov. McDonnell looks like a prehistoric boob & women can breath a small, minuscule sigh of relief. Don't get me wrong the fight is FARRRRR from over, but in this stupid-ass culture war, we'll just chalk this up to 1 in the W column for the good, girls.

And the silent protest at UC-Davis. That protest was so silent it scared. The chancellor & her driver walking out of the hall to find protesters by candlelight, silent, press about snapping pictures. The only people you heard speaking were from the press with microphones in her face. The chancellor looked really scared, as she ought to have looked after letting the campus police run roughshod all over those students with pepper spray for no good goddamn reason at all. It was such an eerie feeling, I could've sworn she was gonna get shot, stabbed or attacked in some way. It was just downright creepy. And for those that don't believe me when I say how creepy it was, just check that shit on YouTube. You'll turn cold.

Lemme, just interject something real quick. If you're a WOMAN... an actual woman, not a man talking about female reproduction rights and general health in THEORY... if you're a woman, I don't give a damn your stance on abortion. I'm talking about HPV, STDs, infections, disorders, and other basic female medical needs. YOU NEED TO BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THIS ISSUE. If you're against that kinda shit & you're a woman, you are a TRUE TRAITOR TO THE CAUSE (and this is coming from the DUDEST of dudes). You're against this? You're the chick that goes to the casino & bets on the house to win. You root for the guys in the black hats when you watch cowboy flicks. You're the chick that would stab herself in the back just to see what the sensation of pity would feel like. You're the woman walking down the street with that dopey look on your face as I & the rest of the world think to ourselves watching you "How the hell did she ever live to make it THIS long".

And to those people who just had to jump on me when I had a minor, though different point of view Sunday. Please, remember that the first thing about civil discourse is... CIVIL, JACKASSES!!! Calm the fuck down! Pop a Quaalude, go jerk off with a Slap Chop, do what ya gotta do. But for the love of all that may be holy, PIPE DOWN. I get it. Ron Paul REVOLUTION. Truth in politics, end of big money, end the fed, Constitution. I GET IT. I'm with you. I believe in your cause, but don't think you're just gonna yell me down in a bullshit politics argument on a Sunday morning. Gentleman, I will make you weep. Ladies, I shall come down with the force of God's mighty hand, you're ladies, you should act better them. Just... don't do it.

To the 178 people that haven't done it (my followers), I thank you. Twitter rocks. I'm loving it.

Laters, time to do something I shouldn't be doing - midget porn. FORWARD.

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