Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To the faihfully departed.

TV once again telling us what we already know, pills and alcohol found in Whitney's room. Damn shame, but you can't burn the candle at both ends and no expect for something like this to have a happy ending. You can do drugs with your man that clearly...ya shouldn't have been with in the first place...ORRRRRR (shudder to think) you can be an international superstar, making millions of people smile withthe god-given talent that you've been blessed with. I'm all for multitasking, but YOU CAN'T DO BOTH in this game that we call LIFE.

The Grammys were most amazing. From the Whitney tribute, to the goddess that is Adele sweeping the ceremony going 6-6, to seeing the Beach Boys & Glen Campbell getting their honors (long deserved). The whole damn ceremony was about as classy as you could get & FAR exceeded my expectations. It was a joy to watch (and this is coming from a guy that hasnt seen a Grammys in 15 years!). BONUS: shoutout to Bruno Mars, muthtafucka tore that shit up!!

Nicki Manaj is one of the craziest bitches to have ever walked the earth. But anytime i can see the churh take it on the chin a little that's always a good thing. So, way to go... crazy bitch.

Did you hear what Santorum said on Meet the Press?!?! OMFG!! He said that there was nithing wrong with being the "Richie Cunningham candidate". That shit ain't right. He's on national TV telling us that there would nothing wrong with 1950s presidency. Sickenening.

Well, that about does it here, I'll see you guys on the flipside. FORWARD.

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