Friday, February 17, 2012

Givin It Up To The Ladies... Part 2

Shoutout to Yvonne for reading my blog. Goes to show, just when you think no one is paying attention, WHAM!! Thanks much, ya drive me crazy (whoa, Fine Young Cannibals reference!) Ooh, ooh, ooh.

Darrell Issa is a smart guy. He's in Congress for god's sake. No matter the stoopid things that Congress does, you gotta be a smart guy in order to make it to the big time. So, it was really baffling to me to turn on the TV the other day and see this hearing on contraception... and not one woman talking about contraception. Not that there wasn't a woman in the whole DC area they could find to talk about this important issue. I mean that Congressmen were asking a bunch of men!!!

Chairman Issa, are you on crack?!?! You must be. Because you're so high, you didn't even read one page of the Newt Gingrich book on grandstanding & hyperbole. Shamenh on you!!

There is nothing new about what Foster Friess said the other day on Andrea Mitchell. I've heard my dad's friends say shit like that before when I was a youngster. The only thing that was shocking to me is that he said it on TV. It seems as though the fighters in Culture War 2.0 have forgotten that this time around there is this little thing called the internet that never misses a thing. And as long as they keep forgetting, we're ginna have some shit that we an all laugh at out loud. So, way to go, Foster!! You mysogynistic,  rich, tasteless bastard. Keep flapping.

I am WAY WAY too tired to even go into the transvaginal ultrasound agenda in the state of Virginia Bunch of goddamn savages.

BREAKING: Some asshole caught by the FBI in a terror sting. Check that shit out.

I know I said that I wasn't gonna be back till the AZ primary, but....I lied lol. If you're in shock about it, take an aspirin :)  FORWARD