Saturday, February 11, 2012

Taking my own advice ....

i was going to give up on blogging altogether, until 2 nice ladies named Micayla & Courtney told me they liked it. Micayla told me to "do me" . So, im taking her advice. FORWARD I will go as me and only me. Like it if you wanna, fuck it if ya don't.

CPAC. OMFG!!! I'm not gonna spend to much time on this because to hear the bullshit that was spewed in DC this past weekend. Sickening. Gingrich talking about following illegals with UPS equipment, Santorum fighting the one-man culture war, CPAC straw poll winner Romney showing how "severely conservative" he was and is. And Palin...ugh, don't get me started on that woman!! Just her in any position of power is enough to set back womanhood about 40 years!! BTW, lemme just take a little timeout to register a little aside to heaven's suggestion box. I say please, send me a hot librarian & I get a moose-shootin, psychobitch w/an annoying voice. Not what I had in mind.

HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA!! For you Canadians out there, it was just another kick ass day. But for me, an American, blk guy longing for one more week in the NFL season, today was awesome. I learned a lot more than I already knew, the action was nonstop, I even got a little history lesson out of it. So, now it looks as though I got a sport to tide me over until spring training gets here. SWEET!!

Last, but never least. Whitney Houston. My god. I'm not gonna talk too much about it. But i think we all should say something about Whitney & what she meant to our lives. Leave your comments and memories on this blog. I'll start. I remember if there was long family road trip involvee, my dad had three cassettes ready to go at all times in the big-ass conversion van: Gladys Knight's Greatest Hits, Al Green's Greatest Hits & WHITNEY HOUSTON. We hit the Mississippi border listening to "Saving All My Love For You" & Mama would always look over at Daddy in the passenger seat sleeping & snoring. She would just smile and I never knew why (I was like 8, 9 tops). Now I know. i wish Daddy and Whitney was still with us. RIP.

That does it for me, y'all, I'm just emotionally drained. Please, take care. And light a candle tonight. Just... fuckin just, aight?! FORWARD.

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