Monday, February 20, 2012

The Presidency

Just a little something to make you think on this President's Day. I would like to think them as observations & not a history lesson becausewe all know how most of us love our history teacher. Oy!!!! Nellie Taft was the woman who told her husband Bill "I think we would look just sultry in that big White House with all this land and all those servants doing whatever we want". And the rightfully trepidacious Bill said "Oh, alright, but I dont think this is such a bright fuckin idea". And this we have our 27th President William H. Taft and his First Lady... Ya see, that's the thing. Mrs. Bright Lights, Big City, Let's Go Power Crazy Nellie Taft DIED shortly after her husband took office! leaving her husband Bill holding the bag.

Fast forward to 2012... we see Mrs. Tiffany, AKA Callista Gingrich. Who happened upon this lonely, horny old man named Newt. Yes, that Newt, the conservative with the gay sister that looks more manly than he does. More baggage than LAX & O'Hare Airport combined, he was thrown out of the Speakership by his own party. Questionable political ethics and all, his EVERYDAY ethics is questioned when he leaves his dying wives (yes, WIVES, PLURAL) for Ms. Tiffany & her screw-on hairdo. A few blowjobs in the back of the car later, she whips out an idea that you & I both know he didn't come up with: "Baby, if I could just get in that big White House w/all those pretty trees & servants & $, I'll give you all the blowjobs you want!".

 What is the aftermath of all that bullshit I just threw at you? William H. Taft became Chief Justice of our Supreme Court, becoming the first former President to swear in another President. Newt? Well, we shall see. But we know this one thing to be true. Blowjobs, $, fame & killer salary aside, getting led by your privates is never a good thing. For male AND FEMALE.

 By the way, i just seen 7-time Olympiac gold medal winner Mark a testosterone commercial!! Ain't that a bitch.

 What this country needs is a Presidentthat uses his party affiliation as just a title. We need a President that'll beat the shit outta ya without starting a war. we need a hawk-minded dove that can win a Nobel Peace Prize. A President that wakes up every morning and looks at the middle class in America & uses it to gauge what he's gonna do with the rest of the country. WE NEED ANOTHER TEDDY ROOSEVELT! THAT'S the kind of Republican THIS bleeding heart dem will vote for evey time, anytime. FORWARD.

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